Don’t Plan On a March Apple TV Event

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Following a report from Jefferies analyst Peter Misek claiming Apple is planning a special television-related media event in March, The Loop's Jim Dalrymple has chimed in with his usual terse response, and he says it's not happening.

Think Apple is showing off a TV in March? Think again.Think Apple is showing off a TV in March? Think again.

Mr. Misek claimed his sources indicated Apple would host a media event in March where the company would likely unveil developer tools for television apps and that the actual TV would roll out in September or October. He said pricing for the TV would start at US$1,500 and that it would be available with screen sizes ranging from 42-inches up to 55-inches.

The report seemed to back up rumors that Apple is working on bringing its own television to market, and that it would be coming sooner instead of later. With Mr. Dalrymple's resounding "nope," however, it seems very unlikely that reports of a March media event are accurate, which also means a fall television launch are probably off-base, too.

The "yep" and "nope" verdicts from The Loop have an accuracy record that can't be matched, so we're inclined to go with Mr. D on this one and won't be blocking out time in our March schedule for a media event.

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Walter Isaacson’s quoted Steve Jobs as saying “I finally cracked it” referring to the idea of an Apple branded television. This has been the root of a lot of the speculation about Apple introducing such a product. However those that keep this rumor alive need to remember a couple of things:

Time Marches on. It’s possible that SJ thought he’d figured out how to make it work and be a big profit center in 2011. However the industry is not standing still. Two years have gone by, and the more time that passes the LESS likely that SJ’s breakthrough idea will be revolutionary or even workable in this day in this economy, and with this business rivalry climate.

Remember that SJ had a lot of great ideas that didn’t pan out (Lisa, Pippen). Just because SJ thought he’d “cracked it” does not mean that the idea would work in the real world, then or now.

IMO the more time that passes the LESS likely we will see an Apple branded TV. The industry is moving on and I still don’t see any way Apple could revolutionize the market as they did with phones or music players.


I certainly wouldn’t plan nothing until I hear it from Apple first.


@geoduck: The only thing Steve Jobs had to do with the Pippin product was that he axed it upon returning to Apple in 1997. (Not that there aren’t more examples that could make your point.)


Correct. I forgot that Pippen was during his time in the wilderness.

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