Don't Wait Until March, Pick Up a Fake Apple Watch Today for $35

Everyone attends CES, even the Chinese companies dependent entirely on the production of knock-off products. And these IP-infringing specialists are showing off a fake Apple Watch that may beat the real one to the market.


As discovered by Business Insider, the China section of CES is comprised of “booths filled with companies that do manufacturing, and people that do not speak much English.” One of these companies, called Hyperdon Technologies, is showcasing prototypes of knock-off versions of Apple Watch, complete with a variety of custom bands and design materials (they even have something on the back of the watch replicating Apple’s infrared, LED, and photodiode sensors, although it’s a safe bet the Chinese version doesn’t actually do anything).


There’s no software running on the prototypes — they’re just unpowered design demos with a sticker of the Apple Watch UI on the face — but you can be sure that when these products hit the market in China, they’ll feature a poor version of Android skinned to look like a cross been a Samsung and Apple operating system.


Perhaps the best part? You can own a hilariously fake Apple Watch for only $35, proving wrong the critics who complain about the high prices of wearable tech.

The real Apple Watch is rumored to launch in March with a starting price of $395. Pricing for the higher end stainless steel model is expected to be around $500, while the gold models will likely run into the thousands of dollars.

Images via Business Insider.