dot software Updates Aqualruler With Tool Enhancements

dot software has released an update for Aquaruler, bringing it to version 41. Aquaruler is a utility designed for on-screen measuring. The update features several enhancements including interface and tool improvements and bug fixes. According to dot software:

dot software is pleased to announce the release of Aquaruler 4.1.

Aquaruler is very versatile and allows for precise measurement. Version 4.0 is completely rewritten from the ground up and has changed in all aspects from previous versions.

New Features for 4.1:

  • Fixed resolution box moving down the screen problem
  • Fixed bug where the hidden vertical drag ruler would appear upon changing the units
  • Added the zap ruler
  • Add functions to move buttons of drag ruler
  • Move the drag rulers by 1 Pixel in any direction
  • Make the drag ruler (either vertical or horizontal) shorter or longer by one pixel
  • Shorten or lengthen the ruler at the top or left side of the ruler by 1 pixel
  • Made drag ruler more compact
  • Rewrote the screen guide lines tool
  • Fixed problem when dragging screen lines
  • Made ruler more efficient (under the hood changes) and now it runs a lot faster and better
  • Changed toolbar
  • and more...

You can find more information about the Aquaruler update at the dot software Web site. Aquaruler 4.1 is available for US$11.00.