Drobo Announces Third-Generation Four-Bay Device

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Storage provider Drobo has unveiled the latest iteration of the 4-bay Drobo device. Aside from new features such as USB 3.0 and expanded Time Machine support, they have also announced a Customer Loyalty Program, and a lower price.

If you're unfamiliar with Drobo, they make storage units that hold hard drives you can then attach to your computer, or just plug in to your network and access remotely. But all the gyrations of "pairing" hard drives like in RAID arrays are eliminated. Instead of having to do it all over again when hard drives get larger and less expensive, if you pick up a single drive on sale, just plug it in and Drobo does the rest.

This new model of Drobo is re-engineered, which makes it dramatically faster to rebuild in case of disk failure, and includes a battery backup as an additional layer of protection. It's also using USB 3.0 which is (on paper) ten times faster than USB 2.0. So if you have a 2011 or higher machine, you have USB 3.0 ports so you will definitely see the speed increase.

Also announced was the Customer Loyalty Program, which gives all first and second generation Drobo owners a $50US discount on the new device. This offer is available through June 9.

Drobo's third generation 4-bay unit is currently on pre-order at the Drobo Store, and scheduled to ship in late April.

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Don’t even consider purchasing one of these. I had the worst equipment and customer service experience with a Drobo in my life. I bought a 4 bay unit 3 years ago, filled it with Seagate 2 terabyte drives. I lost all data on the drobo, 2 different times. I spent hours over a 30 day period both times, with little satisfaction or help, and really snotty reps. I will never buy their equipment again. They are also incredibly slow boxes, much slower than any other type of raid system that I’ve used.

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