Drone Master Flies an AR.Drone Quadracopter with your iPhone

Logic Consulting announced the immediate availability of Drone Master 1.0 for the iPhone 4 and fourth generation iPod touch on Wednesday. The app lets users remote control an AR.Drone Quadracopter based on your iPhone or iPod touch movements.

USe your iPhone to control an AR.Drone helicopter

The app uses the iOS device’s built-in gyroscope to control the mini helicopter’s yaw, pitch and roll. It also includes shake to trim and shake to kill engines options, LED light controls, and a “boat control” mode that uses your iPhone or iPod touch as a virtual joystick.

Drone Master 1.0 requires a Parrot AR.Drone Quadracopter, an iPhone 4 or fourth generation iPod touch and iOS 4.0 or higher. It is priced at US$4.99 and is available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.