Dropbox Announces Carousel, More Mailbox, New Dropbox For Business

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Dropbox has been busy, announcing on Wednesday an upgrade to its Camera Upload service and new versions of Mailbox, one for Android (out now) and one for Mac OS (in beta).

Meet the (extended) Dropbox family!

First up, Carousel is a new gallery style photo viewer for iOS 7 and Android 4 or higher. With the right metadata attached, you can create a timeline and share that privately with other people. This is particularly appealing for family vacations where everybody has their phones and sometimes another camera besides, creating an easy way to get all those pictures in one place. Or as the video shows, a nice family share for folks who may not be in the same place but want to keep up on pictures and not put them all on Facebook. It’s free and should be available later soon.

Dropbox didn’t stop there, either. Another announcement from the Hey They Bought That And Didn’t Screw It Up Files, Mailbox not only comes in an Android version as of today, but also kicks off a private Mac beta. GTD geeks, start your engines!

Since they were already on an announcement hot streak, Dropbox threw in a rebuilt Dropbox for Business. A big new feature is co-existence, personal and business Dropboxes now live together in perfect harmony. Remote Wipe is now a part of Dropbox for Business as well and helps keep company data safe, whether someone leaves or hardware is stolen.

Video of the keynote announcing all of this should be available on the Dropbox blog later today.

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Whoop-de-doo. A NEW feature. Wow!  How ‘bout dat !!

What would impress me much more is to have Dropbox fix its long-standing (and admitted) screwup with handling package files. Such as Numbers documents (new version Numbers)

They sync fine Mac-to-Mac (or PC, I guess, but I don’t have one and haven’t checked).

But changes do NOT appear on iPhone/iPad because Dropbox doesn’t handle package files (and new-version files are saved as packages)

How about you fix the existing problems before taking out the trumpet for the new features??

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