Dropbox gets Deeper into Photo Management with Loom Purchase

The online photo management and sharing service Loom is now another tool in Dropbox's kit. Loom announced it was bought on Thursday, signaling Dropbox's push to become your go-to place for cloud-based photo storage.

Dropbox buys Loom photo management serviceDropbox buys Loom photo management service

Loom offered both free and paid versions of its service, and Dropbox will continue to honor those deals for now. Free users will get an equal amount of free storage on Dropbox forever, and paid users will get the storage they bought for the next year. Come May 16, Loom users will need to finish migrating their photos over to Dropbox.

Dropbox was already trying to become your online photo storage service through its Carousel offering, which was recently updated with new features. Carousel also played a role in Loom's decision to become part of Dropbox.

"We know this is a big deal," the company said. "This decision was made with great care. We have worked hard on our product and feel that our vision aligns perfectly with Dropbox's vision for Carousel."

The deal gives Dropbox more to work with in the online photo storage space, and it gives Loom's technology a better chance of success in a market where there are already several companies fighting to be the go-to choice for photo storage.

End users will make out better, too, since they won't have to deal with a service shutting down on them. That's exactly what happened with EverPix, which spurred Loom to open up shop.

Dropbox and Loom aren't talking about the terms of the deal.