Dropbox gets into Chat with Droptalk Purchase

Online storage company Dropbox has purchased the messaging service Droptalk -- a company you likely didn't even know existed. Droptalk's Web-based messaging service was still in beta and available only as a Google Chrome add-on, but it does give Dropbox a presence in the chat market along with the company's coders.

Dropbox buys messaging and collaboration company DroptalkDropbox buys messaging and collaboration company Droptalk

Droptalk did more that simply process instant messages. It also served as a kind of collaboration environment where users stay on top of changes to shared documents. "Anytime you updated your shared folders in the cloud, everyone else in the conversation could see the updated version and go directly to the document or link right in the very same thread," the company said.

The deal makes sense for Dropbox since it already offers document sharing as part of its online file storage and syncing service, but didn't yet offer the kind of collaboration Droptalk promises.

This isn't the first purchase for Dropbox this year. In April the company bought the photo management service Loom to enhance its own offerings which included an update to its Carousel service just ahead of the purchase.

The Droptalk purchase comes on the heels of Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference where iCloud Drive was announced. iCloud Drive looks to be a direct competitor to Dropbox with file sharing and syncing features, plus a tight integration with OS X and iOS.

Neither company has said how much money changed hands, although Droptalk did confirm the deal has been completed and its employees now work for Dropbox.