Dropbox Ups the Cloud Storage Game with new 1TB for $9.99 Deal

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The online storage and file sharing service Dropbox increased its paid Pro storage option from 100GB a month for US$9.99 up to 1TB. The new price point brings Dropbox in line with Google Drive's 1TB offering, and it also brings some extra features to the table that make the deal even more enticing.

Dropbox makes it's 1TB plan more affordable, adds new featuresDropbox makes it's 1TB plan more affordable, adds new features

Along with 1TB of online storage for just shy of $10, Dropbox's Pro plan lets subscribers set passwords and expiration dates for shared links, set folders as view-only so only you can change their contents, and more.

The price change is a big deal for Dropbox users considering what they were paying before: 100GB for $9.99, 200GB for $19.99 and 500GB for $49.99 a month. The new $9.99 a month Dropbox Pro plan is available now.

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1TB for $9.99 a month is pretty competitive, especially since Dropbox is throwing other useful features, too. Your move, Apple.

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Now if Apple would bump iCloud up from the miserable levels they currently have I might use it more. 1TB becomes a viable backup drive for everything but pictures and music.


While Apple has the pockets to do it, technically the challenge for them is on a vastly different scale in terms of users and utilization than for DropBox. Still, it’s probably something that they are going to have to do. Better to address it sooner than later.

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