Dropbox Adds Option for Direct Shareable Links

Popular multi-platform file syncing service Dropbox introduced a new file sharing method Monday, allowing users to quickly share any file in their Dropbox account with others, even those that do not have an account. 

Dropbox Shareable Links

Using the local Dropbox software, the web interface, or mobile applications, the “Get Link” option for all files and folders now generates an open link that can be sent to another person. Those who receive the link and have Dropbox are presented with the option to add the file to their Dropbox, while those without the service can simply download the file or folder to their computer or device.

All users receiving a shared link can also view most document types directly in Dropbox’s web display. The built-in browser window that opens when a user clicks on a shared link is capable of displaying fully formatted documents, images, and even video, meaning that, in most cases, the user on the receiving end of the link need not install any applications or plug-ins to view the content. 

Sharing files with other Dropbox users has always been possible, and sharing files with non-Dropbox users has been possible thus far using a user’s “Public” folder. Now, users can quickly share files from any location on their Dropbox without having to move files and folders to “Public.”

“Today we’re excited to add instant sharing to Dropbox,” said Jeff Bartelma, Director of Products for Dropbox. “We’ve simplified the process of sending files to just a few seconds and eliminated the need for email attachments.”

Beta users of the service may not seem as impressed with today’s announcement; the feature has been in testing mode for beta users since last year.