DropDAV Links iWork for iPad to Dropbox

iPad users have a new tool in their quest for an easier way to move iWork documents from their iPad thanks to DropDAV. The service acts as a go-between, managing the process of linking WebDAV clients, including MobileMe’s iDisk feature, to user’s Dropbox accounts to keep documents in synch between your Mac and iPad.


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Since DropDAV adds WebDAV support to Dropbox, the service can be used to transfer other files to the cloud-based storage service from other WebDAV-ready applications, too. Files transfered through DropDAV can’t be larger than 300MB because of limitations with the Dropbox API.

DropDAV is free for users with the 2GB Dropbox service. Users with 50GB Dropbox accounts will pay US$3 a month for DropDAV, and 100GB Dropbox customers will pay $6 a month.

[Thanks to TMO reader HazyRigby for the heads up.]