DrummerTracks Adds a Drummer to AmpliTube

IK Multimedia announced Thursday a new addon for AmpliTube called DrummerTracks. As the name suggests, DrummerTracks adds drum backing tracks for you to use when playing guitar or bass through AmpliTube on your Mac or PC, and they can be imported into AmpliTube fir iPhone and iPad.

AmpliTube is IK Multimedia’s guitar and bass effects and amp modeling solution. DrummerTracks are full-length backing tracks (rather than short loops) that were recorded by music software developer Sonic Reality. The tracks include a variety of styles ranging from Classic Rock to Progressive Rock to Blues, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Country, and more.

In addition to working with AmpliTube for Mac, Windows, iPhone, and iPad, DrummerTracks can also be imported into software sequencers.

DrummerTracks are being offered in genre packages of:

  • 60’s Rock
  • 70’s Rock
  • Funk Soul
  • Progressive Rock
  • Pop Country
  • Big Band
  • Motown
  • Led Grooves
  • Dan Grooves
  • Back Beats

Each of those packages is priced at US$29.99 or €19.99 (depending on your market).

The company is offering registered owners of AmpliTube for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad one free DrummerTracks track in the download section of their user account on IK Multimedia’s Web site so that you can try it out.

DrummerTracks 60's RockDrummerTracks Motown

Two DrummerTracks bundles