Dubious Rumor Claims Apple to Merge iTunes, Safari

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A rather dubious rumor from Three Guys and a Podcast claimsthat Apple is working on merging iTunes and Safari into one application. According to the site, Apple wants to increase Safari’s marketshare by artificially forcing the company’s iTunes customers to access the service through Safari, and only through Safari.

The article is short on details and completely devoid of context and information as to the source of the idea, offering just one quote from the alleged source at the end of the article that serves more as commentary than information:

“Moving iTunes organizational side-bar into Safari isn’t a monumental task” claimed a source, adding “Safari would skyrocket in use as a result of integrating the software titles together.”

We characterized the report as dubious for three reasons: 1.) The idea is silly; 2.) The report’s construction is very vague on the nature of the source, and; 3.) Three Guys and a Podcast have presented speculation as rumor in the past (for a specific example, see this piece about Apple holding a special event this March).

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Which may make you wonder why TMO is giving the story digital ink, and there is just one reason for that: The story is already being tossed around in the Mac/Apple echochamber and could be picked up elsewhere. We’d rather call it out as dubious than ignore it for those readers looking for information on the topic.

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Ted Landau

What a horrible idea! iTunes has already become a synonym for “bloat” for many people. This would make things worse ??much worse.

I’m assuming this rumor will soon wind up in the dead wrong pile. Let’s hope so.

Bryan Chaffin

Agreed, Ted. On all fronts!

Lee Dronick

Speaking of iTunes, Dubious Rumor sounds like a good name for a rock band.

Anyway, I doubt that it would happen.

other side

If the idea is to reduce iTunes bloat and speed things up, it’s actually a very good idea (more below).

If the idea is to simply increase Safari market share, NO NO NO!!!  This is something Steve Ballmer would try.

I’d personally welcome an iTunes program that manages one’s library, playlists, and devices locally (as always), while showing the stores as web pages.


This is actually not dubious - or you have forgotten that Apple is moving to the Cloud?
A web based app that has hooks to manage hardware is fantastic:
- I could manage my device from potentially any computer.
- The software would be always the latest as it would be running off Apple servers. (Think gmail et al).
- I can access and play my content on other computers
- It would have to leverage tech akin to google gears so that it functions offline.


Didn’t Microsoft get themselves into a boatload of trouble for exactly such a “tethering” exercise?


Why not implement iTunes (for the cloud) as a browser plug-in?  Incorporated as standard into Safari but downloadable for other browsers. Give people the choice to download Safari or just the plug-in for their existing browser. Once you have people storing their music online it should be an easy step to get them storing other data there too making use of services like iWork (the cloud version). And of course using Safari will give the best user experience.


I don’t see what the problem is. Why not push them together? They probably share a load of code since iTunes already accesses the iTunes store.


I?d personally welcome an iTunes program that manages one?s library, playlists, and devices locally (as always), while showing the stores as web pages.

Uh, isn’t that what it is already (web pages), albeit in the iTunes window? I assume you meant ‘in the user’s default (WebKit-based*) browser’

*therein, the rub.

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