e-Cycle to Offer iPhone Recycling at Macworld


e-Cycle, which handles the recycling of consumer electronics and other forms of e-waste, on Wednesday announced that it will for the first time offer iPhone recycling, with immediate payment, during Macworld. Company representatives will assess sellers’ iPhones’ value and a security expert will wipe all data.

Chris Irion, e-Cycle CEO, said in a press release: “With the upcoming release of the iPhone 4 from Verizon on February 10th, we anticipate an exorbitant number of AT&T iPhone users converting to the iPhone 4 by Verizon. It is estimated that millions of AT&T iPhone users will convert to the iPhone from Verizon in the next two years, and e-Cycle is prepared to provide fast and secure iPhone buyback services to help offset the cost of purchasing the iPhone 4 from Verizon.”

He went on to note that his company estimates about nine million iPhones are retired for newer ones each year.