eBay Sales Tool iSale Improves Category Browser, More in Version 2.0

Equinux on Thursday released version 2.0 of iSale, the companyis eBay sales tool. Free for all registered users, this upgrade improves the Category Browser, enabling users to search for items and save oft-used categories as favorites. The Category Browser also now displays the file path below its window, allowing users to jump to the eBay Web site to see other listings in that category.

iSale 2.0 also supports the use of FTP servers for hosting images and includes auction previews that show exactly what they will look like once they go live. Finally, this upgrade improves the navigation, expands the capabilities of its Dashboard widget, exports auctions by dragging and dropping them, now calculates shipping charges and more. Pricing is US$39.95 and Mac OS X v10.3 or higher is required. Some features, such as the Dashboard widget, require v10.4 "Tiger."

Aspyr Media distributes iSale in the United States, selling it through Amazon.com and other retailers, including the Apple store, Fryis, CompUSA and more.