eMail Verifier Updated From Maxprog

Maxprog has released an update for eMail Verifier, bringing it to version 1.1. eMail Verifier is an automated email address verification app designed for mass email delivery. TThe latest version features improved Classic support and numerous other enhancements. According to Maxprog:

Max Programming is proud to present a new release of eMail Verifier, the very first tool available on the Macintosh platform for batch e-mail validity checking. (Classic and Mac OS X)

If your database contains incorrect email addresses, this disadvantages you in two ways. First, you have to put up with annoying iundeliverablei messages. And second, you lose the ability to communicate by email with your contacts. Email Verifier checks the validity of your email addresses without actually sending emails. You can use the list of failed addresses to build a list for a iplease updatei campaign.

Whatis new in 1.1:

  • Verifier is now Mac OS Classic compatible
  • Preferences panel. Almost everything can be set
  • Support for Mac OS X Address Book address drops
  • Support for Entourge i.VCFi file drops
  • Internal MX look-up system
  • RCPT command sent when VRFY unimplemented
  • Lookup get all MX records and sort them by preferences
  • Different MX server used on retry (when available)
  • Each verifier connection batch verify same domain addresses
  • Status bar shows progress and retries
  • New SMTP errors handlers when VRFY command not available
  • 550 SMTP error enhanced handler
  • Better time-out management. General application time-out
  • Multiple file drop support
  • Status field updated according to process
  • and more..

You can find more information about the eMail Verifier update at the Maxprog Web site. eMail Verifier 1.1 is available for US$24.90.