eMerge Discount Celebrates...Boxing Day?

In honor of the Canadian holiday, Boxing Day, Galleon Software is offering their e-mail management application at half price through the month of December. Also announced is MuseArts release of a collection of free holiday e-cards. According to Galleon Software:

Although few Canadians recall why December 26 is called Boxing Day, even fewer complain when stores across Canada honor the tradition by taking half off the price of their holiday fare. This year, however, Galleon Software has decided to get a jump on their favorite holiday by offering eMerge at half price for the entire month of December.

eMerge has always made it easy to keep in touch with everyone on your mailing list, but now, in partnership with MuseArts, Galleon Software is offering a new collection of free HTML greeting cards you can download and send to your customers, your family, your friends.

MuseArts, perhaps best known on the web for the Castle Arcana website and their interactive Online Christmas Calendar, have turned their skills this year to a unique collection of holiday e-mail cards that you can easily customize with your own personalized greetings.

Just follow the simple instructions or design your own card from scratch. Use pictures from your home page, snatch a Santa from Galleon Softwareis special Christmas pages, or search the web for other royalty-free seasonal fare. eMerge doesnit bundle the images with your e-mail; all the pictures are pulled in over the Internet, and your messages stay small, manageable, and -- most of all -- personal.

eMerge is available through the end of the year for US$50. You can find more information at the Galleon Software web site.