eOrdering Professional 2.0 Now Shipping

LAJ Design has released a new version of eOrdering Professional, bringing it to version 2.0. eOrdering Professional is an online photography proofing utility designed for event shooters like wedding photographers. The latest release features expanded cost options and bug fixes. According to LAJ Design:

LAJ Design today announced the release of eOrdering Professional version

eOrdering Professional is a cross-platform application that creates online eCommerce stores allowing photographers or small businesses to put their products online easily. (Designed especially for event photographers to allow clients to order at events).

New or Changes:

  • Added discounts (which can be set to give discounts based on the total order cost or quantity)
  • Added 6 individual cost options that are unique for each product (so you have 30 common cost options that are shared, and 6 unique)
  • Added a text option for what to say before spanning links (such as product 1 - 30)
  • Removed the external scripting since it was giving older Netscape users problems
  • Fixed a bug so that you can now specify a table border of 0 and all pages show that border
  • You can now have spaces on the currency symbol (so you can have EUR 2.00 and not EUR2.00)
  • Fixed a bug in using the euro
  • Made it so that the processing fee is taxed
  • changed the process.php to not depend on register_globals being turned on (for all the php processing methods)
  • tweaked some of the spacing between the cart html buttons and text
  • Better Unicode Support
  • All html pages are now iso-latin1 by default

You can find more information about the eOrdering Professional update at the LAJ Design Web site. eOrdering Proffesional 2.0 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$450.00.