eShox Updated With QuickBooks Support

Secure.CC has released an update for eShox, bringing it to version 3.7. eShox is a utility designed for e-commerce database management. The update ships with support for QuickBooks and expanded payment/shipping options. According to Secure.CC:

Secure.CC has released eShox 3.7.

Primarily designed for Mac OS X, eShox enables Mac users to access functionality previously unavailable on their favorite platform. Without the hassles of running non-server applications such as FileMaker Pro (while still enabling the use of such applications), eShox allows administrators to focus on their core business. eShox automated, trouble-free installation brings the power, performance and reliability of PHP and MySQL to the non-programmer.

eShox 3.7 includes support for new payment and shipping options, improved performance and integration with QuickBooks.

You can find more information about the eShox update at the Secure.CC Web site. eShox 3.7 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$299.00 for each seat.