eSuite4X - Web Developer's 2.5 Release Features PHP Code Generator

MacOS GURU has released an update for the eSuite4X 2.5 - Web Developeris Edition, bringing it to version 2.5. eSuite4X is a utility designed for Web developers managing MySQL databases. The update features an integrated PHP code generator and MySQL Backup Scheduler. According to MacOS GURU:

We have released eSuite4X 2.5 - Web Developeris Edition for Mac OS X - the easiest way to install and run your own database driven Web site. The eSuite4X distribution combines the power of open source products with first class commercial software to bring you a truly Macintosh-like user experience:

  • Install Apache 2, MySQL4, PHP4 and WebDAV in less than 10 minutes
  • Control and configure Apache and MySQL via Mac OS X System Preferences
  • Administer MySQL with the included first class graphical interface (SQL4X Manager J EE)
  • Includes PHP Code Generator and MySQL backup tool

This release includes more than 100 new features:

  • Integrated PHP Code Generator
  • Includes SQL4X Manager J Enterprise Edition
  • Now with MySQL4
  • MySQL Backup Scheduler
  • Mac OS X System Preferences pane to start, stop and configure your MySQL and Apache server
  • Enhanced online documentation

You can find more information about the eSuite4X 2.5 - Web Developeris Edition update at the MacOS GURU Web site. eSuite4X 2.5 - MySQL4 Edition 2.5 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$98.00.