eSuite4X Web Developer’s Edition

MacOS GURU is now shipping eSuite4X Web Developeris Edition for Mac users. eSuite4X Web Developeris Edition is a designed for Web developers and authors. The app ships with support for Dreamweaver and GoLive and features graphical interfaces. According to MacOS GURU:

eSuite4X Web Developeris Edition released.

The eSuite4X is specially designed for Web site developers working with Mac OS X and Macromediais Dreamweaver, Adobe GoLive or any other WebDAV enabled Web authoring application. It includes everything you need to start developing database driven Web sites within 10 minutes.  

eSuite4X Web Developeris Edition is based on Apache 2 (including WebDAV and SSL support), PHP 4.2, MySQL 3.23 and SQL4X Manager. It includes graphical interfaces to easily install and configure all parts of the eSuite4X and to access and manage the included MySQL database server. A specially designed import tool makes it easy to create local copies of your production system databases or publish your developed web site to any web hosting provider.

You can find more information about the eSuite4X Web Developeris Edition release at the MacOS GURU Web site. eSuite4X Web Developeris Edition is available for US$149.00.

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