eWeek: Panther, OS X Server, & Long(Late)horn

Peter Coffee of eWeek has posted a new column that looks at the impending release of Panther, and the delay of Longhorn. He also says that many will overlook OS X Panther Server when it is released, and that it may be the more important black cat. From the article Will Appleis iPantheri make a meal of Microsoftis iLonghorni?:

I would have said, a few months ago, that we should wait to compare Appleis improvements against the next-generation Windows UI , part of the package of new technologies whose "Longhorn" code name once suggested a powerful stampede--but whose leisurely pace now seems more like that of placidly grazing cash cows. By the way, be warned: a well-placed Longhorn source at Microsoft assures me that the various previews seen so far of the "Aero" look and feel are "not even close" to what the final product will feature.

But as even the most Microsoft-centered analysts are pointedly observing , Longhorn wonit go up in 2005 -- or maybe even later than that -- against this yearis Panther, but rather against that yearis Cougar, Lynx, Leopard or Tiger -- those names already being trademarked and ready to pounce.

And I donit want to use up all of your attention in assessing the end-user experience of Panther, because itis at least as important to note the improvements in the server version of the product -- which will probably get much less attention in the forthcoming " Night of the Panther " countdown campaign.

Mr. Coffeeis column is an interesting read, so stop by eWeek for the full story.