eWeek Readers Respond To Apple's New IT Push

In a recent article titled Appleis New Marketing Mojo, Mathew Rothenberg told us that he thinks Apple may be able to squeeze out a few extra slivers of PC market share with its latest advertising efforts. It seems that many of his readers agree. In a follow-up article titled Appleis Marketing Mojo: Readers Respond, Mr. Rothenberg shares some of the responses heis gotten. From the article:

...Iim pleased at the enthusiasm voiced by eWEEK readers in the scores of e-mails I received over the past week. Many of them expressed well-founded concerns about Appleis track record in supporting education customers (currently its largest institutional market) and about its ability to follow through on this new campaign.

Nevertheless, there seem to be plenty of cross-platform-savvy computer users who share my belief that the next 12 months could see Apple claim significantly larger sliver of the PC pie.

Some of the responses Mr. Rothenberg has gotten are quite interesting, so stop by eWeek and have a look.