EA Games Site Hacked to Steal Apple IDs

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EA Games has a headache on its hands thanks to hackers that compromised one of their servers to use as a phishing scheme to steal Apple IDs. The hackers crafted a login page that asks for users Apple ID information, along with their credit card number, birthday, and other bits of information that would be handy for anyone wanting to steal your identity.

Hacked EA servers are being used in a phishing scam to steal Apple IDsHacked EA servers are being used in a phishing scam to steal Apple IDs

The hack, according to Netcraft, takes advantage of a known security flaw in an old version of WebCalendar. Apparently EA never updated the module, leaving the server vulnerable to attack.

Once victims hand over their personal data and account login, they're redirected to Apple's legit Apple ID webpage, unaware that they were just scammed -- in other words, they were taken in by a phishing scam.

The easiest way to avoid getting taken in by this phishing scam is to avoid websites that you think may not be trustworthy, and never enter your login information into an online form unless you're absolutely certain that the site is legit. Clicking a link in an email or webpage you stumble on doesn't count.

If you think you may have been taken in by this phishing scam, change your Apple ID right away, and take steps to help avoid becoming an identity theft victim. The Federal Trade Commission website has plenty of tips on what to do.

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Phishing scams are a real pain because once you've been tricked into giving up your personal information, your bank accounts, online logins and identity are in someone else's hands. This hack probably could've been avoided if EA had updated some of the web modules they're using on their servers.

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