EA Releases Command & Conquer Red Alert for iPhone

EA Mobile on Monday brought the venerable Command & Conquer series of strategy games to the App Store with Command & Conquer Red Alert. Set in an alternate timeline in which World War II never happened, the Command & Conquer series pits the Soviets against the Allies during the 1950s, when the Cold War spills over into worldwide conflict.

On the iPhone, Red Alert features a dozen maps along with two battlefield maps for Skirmish mode. As in other iterations of the game, players gather and manage resources, build and deploy units, and upgrade their technology.  EA promises to add new features to the game in the coming months, including a free multiplayer update for combat via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and the Empire of the Rising Sun expansion pack, which brings Japan into the conflict.

Pricing is US$9.99 and iPhone OS 3.0 is required.