EA Ships Spore: Galactic Adventures

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EA on Tuesday announced that the Spore expansion pack Galactic Adventures is now available at North American retailers, with international shipments arriving on Thursday, June 25. The game allows players to assume the role of a spaceship captain and travel the galaxy undertaking new adventures created by them as well as other gamers.

In Spore, players evolve an alien race from a single-celled organism to a space-faring empire, and the Galactic Adventures expansion pack builds on the final part of that journey. Players' captains earn experience, as well as such new objects as the Plasma Pulser, during their adventures, becoming more powerful and ascending the leader boards that track players' accomplishments, ranks, and medals earned.

As with other aspects of Spore, players can share their original content, which in this case consists of the missions they create with the Adventure Creator tool. Galactic Adventures ships with 16 missions created by the development team at Maxis as well as the writers of the TV show Robot Chicken.

Pricing is US$29.99. The full version of Spore is required to play.



How wonderful.  Too bad I won’t be able to play it.  I bought Spore and started playing it, but halfway through the DRM glitched, haven’t been able to play it since.  Spore tech support treats me like a pirate, because that’s the only reason the DRM would nuke to game, so I never got any help there.  Meanwhile, dozens of people I know who pirated the game were able to play it as much as they wanted with no problems, and now they’ll be able to play Galactic Adventures and have lots of fun while I sit here with a legal copy that’s been nuked by EA’s DRM.

Moral of the story: Never buy a game from EA, pirate it!

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