EA Sports Releases FIFA 10: More Football/Soccer for iPhone

EA Mobile announced Friday the release of FIFA 10 by its EA Sports division. The game offers 30 leagues and 570 teams of fully-licensed FIFA football/soccer to the iPhone.

The game is centered around a two button control system that company said offers a wide range of passes and tackles and tight movements. Players will also have a variety of options for the shooting system. To capture it all for replay, there is a six-camera system built into the game that allows you to rewatch plays in realtime or slow motion.

FIFA 10 allows head to head play with other players via WiF, and there's a Be a Pro mode that allows users to create their own players. Lastly, Manager Mode lets you "call the shots from the top," including player trades.

FIFA 10 is priced at US$9.99 at the App Store.

FIFA 10 Screenshot