Ebay Claims 12,000 iPad 2s Sold, Most to U.S.

Ebay announced Thursday that reseller have (re)peddled just under 12,000 iPad 2 units since the device went on sale earlier this month. The popular device is commanding premiums up to 49% over retail, and Ebay said that most of them are going to the U.S., where the device is available direct from Apple.

The company also released a map that shows exact numbers for destination countries, as well as a breakdown of models and premium prices. 7,919 units went to the U.S., with the second most-popular destination being Russia, with 500 units. The company also posted a much larger version of the graphic that is easier to read.

The bottom line is that it’s likely someone waiting in line with you at an Apple Store is planning to resell the iPad they’re buying. With $499 16GB WiFi iPad 2s selling for $697, it only takes two and a half such trip to garner enough profit to get one of your own paid for by Ebay customers.

Ebay iPad 2 Map