OS X El Capitan Beta: Finding Web Videos with Spotlight

There are quite a few new things you’ll be able to do with El Capitan’s version of Spotlight (the ability to drag its window out of the goshdarned way being my absolute favorite), but one of the coolest features is that we can now search for videos on the Web.

Spotlight's search fieldAs I’ve done above, you’ll first invoke Spotlight, which you can do by either clicking on the magnifying glass icon at the upper-right of your screen or by using its keyboard shortcut (Command-Spacebar). Then you’ll type in search terms for the video you’re looking for.

Spotlight search results

Once you’ve found the correct result (it’ll be listed under the “Web Videos” section), click on it, and the video will open in your default browser. Neat!

Here’s another related note: If you don’t like this behavior and want to disable it, open System Preferences> Spotlight, click on the “Search Results” tab, and toggle off the “Spotlight Suggestions” checkbox.

Disabling Spotlight's Web search suggestionsAnd just so you know, Apple has an entire support article on those suggestions and how the things you type into Spotlight may be used to improve the service. So if you’re interested in privacy and location data and all that good stuff, be sure to check that out.

Since I’m sure this article will be posted around the time we all are freaking out about whatever Apple’s announcements are on the 9th, I now return you to your regularly scheduled news and analysis. Assuming anyone’s even reading this at all after Apple (hopefully) blows everyone’s minds.


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