El Capitan: Seeing “Find My Friends” on Your Mac

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Using the Find My Friends app on your iOS device? Then get excited—you can now see your friends’ locations right on your El Capitan Mac! If you don’t use Find My Friends, why not? Is it because it’s odd and a smidgen creepy to know where everyone is at all times? Nah, that can’t be it.

Anyhow, here’s what you’ll do to get access to that somewhat-creepy info on your Mac. Click on the little three-lined Notification Center icon at the top-right of your screen first.

When the panel opens, go to the very bottom of the “Today” tab and click “Edit.”

You'll see a list afterwards of all of the unused widgets that you can add to Notification Center. 

Press the plus button next to “Find My Friends,” and you’ll of course be asked to allow the app permission to use your location data.

Grant it permission, and finally, all of your pals and their distances from you will be shown! To get more details on someone’s location, just click on him or her, and a teeny map will pop up.

See? Not creepy at all! For additional non-creepiness, be sure you text your friends suggestions about what to get when you see them out at a restaurant. Or ask them why they’ve been at the doctor’s office so long. Or request that they stop by and get you something at the store! It’s on their way home, after all!

I’m a good friend.

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Lee Dronick

Thanks! I also added the calculator widget.


You can also see Find My Friends in Messages.  Click on a conversation with an existing Friend, and in the upper right click on Detail and it will show you where they are (assuming they allow you to track them).  You could do this with Yosemite too.

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