ElcomSoft Releases iPhone Decryption Tools

ElcomSoft is taking iPhone password hacking to the commercial market with its forensic tools designed to give investigators and government agencies access to encrypted data on iOS devices.

iPhone securityNeed to hack iPhone passwords? There’s an app for that.

The forensic toolkit requires physical access to the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch under investigation, and can perform brute-force attacks on the default four-digit passcode protection iOS offers, and can recover the device’s UID identifier code, and the keys used for pairing escrow keys and UID codes.

Apparently ElcomSoft’s forensic tools rely on similar techniques to those detailed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology earlier this year, according to Ars Technica

The tools are available to law enforcement and other government agencies, so don’t plan on picking them up just to see what’s on your friend’s iPhone.