Elgato Intros EyeTV HD

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Elgato announced the immediate avilability of its new EyeTV HD on Monday. The new version of the DVR solution for Mac OS X supports H.264 video encoding and includes a dual-format capture option that lets users stream recordings to computer and iPhone or iPad.

Elgato’s EyeTV HD

The EyeTV HD supports cable and satellite inputs, can copy recordings from camcorders and VCRs, supports burning shows to DVD, includes a one-year subscription to TV Guide’s data service, and more. The unit also includes audio and component video cables, a breakout cable for composite and S-Video connections, a USB cable for connecting the EyeTV HD to your Mac, and a remote control.

EyeTV HD is priced at US$199.95.

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As an EyeTV user, I’ve been wanting something like this for a long time.  My only question is if it’s HD only or can it record SD as well as HD (basically making it an EyeTV 3 that can also handle HD).


Does it work with DISH?  TIVO doesn’t.


Their web site says that this latest HD device supports cable and satellite TV.

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