Emberwind, Heileen 2: The Hands of Fate Games Released for Mac

TimeTrap and Tycoon Games have released the fantasy game Emberwind and the adventure title Heileen 2: The Hands of Fate, respectively, for Mac OS X.

In Emberwind, players must free the city of Grendale from Candlefinger and his gremlin hordes. It’s up to the gnome watchmen Kindle Elderwood to save the land of Dalriada as he flies around on his ancient snow owl and deploys his cane of justice. Pricing is US$12 and Mac OS X version 10.4, a G4 or Intel processor, 256MB RAM, and 50MB of hard drive space are required.

Heileen 2 takes place on the same mysterious Caribbean island where Heileen and her friends found themselves at the end of the first installment. Heileen must use a deck of tarot cards to survive as she undertakes more than 20 quests. A dozen different endings are possible. Pricing is $19.99 and Mac OS X version 10.4 is required.