EMC Issues Beta of Retrospect 8.0 Backup Software

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SAN FRANCISCO -- EMC Corporation has released a public Beta of version 8.0 of Retrospect, its backup ad recovery software that the company says is positioned between Time Machine and enterprise-level solutions. The new software consists of several different components that work around a reengineered engine called the Retrospect server, which can, for example, back up two computers while restoring a third.

Retrospect 8.0 also features a redesigned user interface that allows users to manage multiple Retrospect servers from a single window, including any at remote locations. The upgrade also offers backup-to-disk features, true disk-based backup staging, simultaneous streaming of data to multiple storage systems, improved tape library barcode tracking and automatic tape drive cleaning, custom reporting tools, improved email notifications, AES-256 encryption of backup data, and more.

Available now as a Beta, the final version of Retrospect 8.0 for Mac will ship during the first quarter in three versions: Desktop 3-User (US$129 new or $59 as an upgrade), Single Server ($809 or $539), and Multi Server ($1,669 or $939). Anyone who purchased a new Retrospect 6.1 license on or after January 14, 2008 will receive a free upgrade.

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