Eminem Wins iTunes Royalty Fight

Popular rapper Eminem will be receiving a bigger share of the cash his songs earn through the iTunes Store now that the U.S. Court of Appeals has ruled he should get 50 percent of what Universal Music Group makes on his music download sales, according to Hip-Hop Wired. The case was file by F.T.B Productions, the company that kick started Eminem’s music career, over claims they should receive more than a 12 percent cut of his digital and ringtone sales.

The appeals ruling is good news for Eminem and F.T.B. Productions because they previously had been awarded only a 12 percent cut of iTunes Store sales.

The ruling could open the door for other musicians looking to get a bigger cut of music download sales from the iTunes Store and other online services. In some cases, record labels have tried to keep a larger percentage of earnings from music downloads for themselves, but now artists may try to use Eminem’s case as an example of what they want.