Enabling iPhone Restrictions

Trust goes a long way in a relationship, but sometimes it's best not to tempt fate, especially when that involves managing what gets loaded onto your kid's iPhone or iPod touch. Knowing that temptation leads down a path to destruction, Apple smartly included a way for for those in charge to control what those under their care can access from their iPhone or iPod touch.

Here's how to enable restrictions on the iPhone or iPod touch:

  • Tap Settings
  • Go to General > Restrictions
  • Enter a four-digit passcode. This should be different from any other passcode on the device since you don't want your young one to be able to easily override the restrictions you enable.
  • Tap the slider switches to enable or disable specific restrictions.

Block apps and explicit content with Restrictions.

The iTunes restriction blocks explicit content purchased from the iTunes Store. The other four options (Safari, YouTube, iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store, and the App Store) remove those icons and block access to their associated applications.

The Restrictions option is an easy way to help make sure that content you deem inappropriate doesn't make it onto your ward's iPhone or iPod touch, but it isn't a complete solution since it doesn't block music, video or photos that didn't come from the iTunes Store. For that, you'll still have to rely on old fashioned hands-on control.