England Promotes Jonathan Ive to Knight Commander

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Jonathan Ive, Apple’s designer-in-chief, has been tapped on the shoulder by the Queen of England in appreciation for “services to design and enterprise.” Mr. Ive, or Sir Jonathan as he has the right to go by, was named Knight Commander of the British Empire (KBE) in the 2012 New Year Honours List, which was announced late on Friday.

Sir Jonathan

Sir Jonathan Ive, Knight Commander of the British Empire

Sir Jonathan had been named a Commander of the British Empire (CBE) in 2005, making the Knight Commander a promotion of sorts. While there are scores of people who were named to various orders in the 2012 New Year Honours List, there were only two people named as KBEs—the other was John Patrick Richardson, an art historian and author who was named for his “services to art.”

There were also four new CBEs named, and more than 30 Order of the British Empire (OBE) named. You can see all the recipients in the full list published by The Telegraph.

Sir Jonathan, whose full name is Jonathan Paul Ive, is currently Apple’s Senior Vice President, Industrial Design. He has headed Apple’s design efforts since shortly after the late Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997. Since then, he has been credited for ushering in one gorgeous Apple product after another, and his design sensibilities have reverberated throughout the consumer electronics world.

The UK has been understandably been proud of Sir Jonathan’s accomplishments. In addition to the above-mentioned CBE he received in 2005, he was named Designer of the Year by the Design Museum in 2003, and he was awarded an honorary doctorate in 2009 by the Royal College of Art. In 2007, he received the National Design Award by then First Lady Laura Bush.

The designer was also very close to Steve Jobs, who heaped effusive praise on him to Walter Isaacson for his biography titled Steve Jobs.

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Bryan, are you sure Ive is still an Apple employee?  Our favorite prognosticator predicted that by November Sir Jonathan would leave Apple due to Tim Cook taking over.  Yet another failed prediction from the court jester!!


?We are no longer the knights who say ni! We are now the knights who say ekki-ekki-ekki-pitang-zoom-boing!?

All Hail Sir Jonathan


You gotta be pretty old to have been tapped on the shoulder by the Queen of England. 

It’s generally accepted that the last one was Elizabeth the First who died in 1603 since when there has only been a monarch of the United Kingdom, although it was the Act of Union, passed in 1707, that united England and Scotland to form Great Britain. So it is often said that Queen Anne was the last monarch to hold the title of Queen of England & Scotland.

Confusing eh! - & that’s not the full story. grin

Bryan Chaffin

LW, I apologize for blithely bandying about terms! As much of an Anglophile as I am, was completely unaware of the technical nature of the terms.

Thanks for the note. smile


If we still accepted such honours, it would be from “The Queen Of Australia”

Brian Norbury

You have to be pretty old to be tapped on the shoulder. ....

Not so I think. I am a UK citizen and we sometimes see the more famous knights being honoured on TV news programmes.  I thought I remebered a sword being used, very gently by HM Queen. 

I looked it up. Check this link for a photograph.



Awarded or honored, maybe even ennobled, but “promoted”?

Do Oscar winners get promoted? Er… no.


Maybe it gets one preferental parking & lets one cut the cue for java fix at a coffee shop ?

Let’s just hope “Sir Jonathan” doesn’t turn up for his investiture wearing a tee-shirt…

Bad form, wot ?

Lee Dronick

Congratulations Sir Jonathan, it is a well deserved honor.

Great shield graphic Bryan.


Ha! I hope he puts on a goddamn smile for the Queen!


@ Brian Norbury. Sir Brucie is pretty old; and he was knighted by being tapped on the shoulder with a sword. But not by the Queen of England.


He is smiling, fer gad sakes!


Maybe it gets one preferental parking & lets one cut the cue for java fix at a coffee shop ?

Actually, you’re allowed to stroke the royal corgis.

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