Epic Rap Battles Pits Steve Jobs Against Bill Gates

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Fair warning: We know that this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, so if you don’t like rap, have an issue with gratuitous profanity, or aren’t interested in seeing an irreverent look at Steve Jobs, skip ahead to another article.

The folks behind Epic Rap Battles of History have published a new music video, Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates. The group’s take pits a smug and confident Steve Jobs against an angry and rich Bill Gates and throws in a little bit of HAL for added entertainment.

Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates Screenshot

Beating you is Apple II easy…

If you aren’t familiar with Epic Rap Battles with History, they produce rap songs with professionally produced music videos where a mix of historical and fictional characters face off in battles of rap braggadocio. For instance, Master Chief vs Leonidas, Einstein vs. Stephen Hawking, and the ever-popular Darth Vader vs. Hitler.

In Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates, there is imagery from Apple’s own advertising, and both “sides” take cheap shots at one another that draw on the real-life rivalry (or perceived rivalry) between the two tech icons.

As noted in our fair warning above, some people may be offended, but the we assume many more will be very amused. Epic Rap Battles of History videos typically get tens of millions of views, and Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates is already above the 230,000 mark.

Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates - Epic Rap Battles of History

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Any point the writer was trying to make was lost on my as I skimmed the text of this post. All I could focus on was the lead in “Fair Warning” and then the completely unnecessary repeat of that warning 4 short paragraphs later.

Why the [expletive deleted - editor] are catering to the small minority that might be offended by rap in a video? The double warning for a video that has absolutely nothing a normal person would consider offensive takes away any journalistic integrity I might have assumed existed.


I would say that the amount of people who would write and complain bitterly if they weren’t warned of the profanity and off color humor would be exponentially higher than the folks that complain because they were warned too much.

Bryan Chaffin

Yes, macchap, we should instead cater to your standards. The world does, after all, revolve around you and your sensibilities.

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