Epocrates: One in Five Doctors Likely to Purchase an iPad


Epocrates, which develops mobile and web-based software used by physicians, has released the results of a survey it conducted shortly after the iPad’s unveiling, revealing that 22 percent of doctors plan to buy the device when it’s available or within a year. Another 38 percent were interested in the iPad but needed more information before making a decision.

The company also said that it has started developing versions of its software that take advantage of the iPad’s form factor. Rose Crane, Epocrates’ CEO, said in a press release: "By optimizing our software for the iPad, we are capitalizing on the larger screen real estate and interactivity provided by this sophisticated device. We are continuing to explore the advanced capabilities of the iPad and ways it can help Epocrates address the evolving healthcare technology needs."

Epocrates said that more than one in five doctors are currently using its software on an iPhone or iPod touch.