equinux Pulls TamTam for Mac OS X

equinux announced that it is pulling TamTam for Mac OS X from the market after TomTom threatened legal action based on copyright infringement. TomTom manufactures TomTom GO, an all-in-one portable GPS navigation system, but does not offer Mac compatible software. equinux released TamTam for Mac OS X in in 2004, offering a Mac-based software solution for controlling a TomTom GO.

equinux claims that TomTom requested it stop using the TamTam name, and the TomTom name, in conjunction with its products. Till Schadde, equinux CEO, commented "We have decided to remove TamTam from the market, meaning we will no longer promote TomTom products."

equinux will continue to support its existing TamTam for Mac OS X customers, but will no longer develop the product. Additional information is available at the equinux Web site.