ETSI nano-SIM Vote Delayed Amid Standards Controversy

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute, or ETSI, has postponed a planned vote on Apple’s nano-SIM on Friday while it tries to sort out the heated fight between the iPhone maker and Nokia over what the next mobile phone card design should be. Nokia is pushing its own next generation SIM card design, and phone makers are concerned that Apple would control too many related patents should its nano-SIM become the new standard.

Apple nano-SIM in a holding pattern for nowETSI rules call for at least a 30 day hold before voting happen, according to FOSS Patents.

Motorola and RIM are also backing Nokia’s proposed SIM card, while European carriers are supporting Apple’s design. Nokia has also said that should Apple’s nano-SIM gain approval, it won’t license its related patents.

Apple, however, has said that it will offer royalty-free licensing for its nano-SIM patents should ETSI declare it the new standard.

With ETIS’s vote on competing SIM standards postponed for at least a month, the two sides have more time to reach an agreement — or to keep fighting.