EU to Hit Samsung with Antitrust Charges

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The European Commission confirmed on Thursday that it will be formally charging Samsung in its antitrust investigation related to the company abusing its market position by filing for Apple product sales injunctions over patent infringement claims. Samsung withdrew it injunction request earlier this week, but the EU is still moving forward with its case.

Samsung faces antitrust charges in Europe"We will adopt a statement of objections very soon. I don't know if before the end of this year or the beginning of next year because we are in the last step of our internal procedures," EU antitrust official Joaquín Alumunia told the Financial Times.

EU officials were pleased that Samsung dropped the injunction request, although the electronics maker is still planning on moving forward with its patent infringement lawsuit against Apple.

"We are very happy if these [requested] injunctions are withdrawn but we will continue to investigate the possible abuses that existed... in the past," Mr. Alumunia said.

Samsung's lawsuit against Apple in Europe alleges the iPhone and iPad maker is infringing on standards essential patents (SEP). Apple doesn't have licensing deals in place with Samsung for some of the listed patents, and it claimed that component makers are already paying necessary licensing fees.

Apple also claimed that Samsung isn't offering fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms for its SEPs -- an accusation that Samsung is denying.

Samsung said it dropped the injunction request "in the interest of protecting consumer choice," although Florian Mueller of Foss Patents disagreed.

"There can be no doubt whatsoever that the European Commission was behind this," he said. "Samsung would never have done this voluntarily, especially not in jurisdictions such as Germany that do not rule out SEP-based injunctions at all."

In the end, Samsung's motives may be immaterial since the European Commission is still moving forward with its case and plans to file formal charges soon.

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I’m sure this is Apple’s fault! smile


The Apple hater(s) will not be happy with the anti-trust concerns of the EU. And why the (sudden) concern from the commission?
As Samsung completes its obliteration of all Android competition and charges on to do the same to all other mobile phonecompetitors the consequences become clear. The need for innovation becomes less meaningful and pricing will be an easier role for Samsung to play.
Then will the being(s) of hate finally find rest?


The bit about this or that gesture or whether rounded rectangles should be patentable was a sideshow. It’s my understanding that the core of the problem was that Samsung would not license its FRAND patents to Apple for the same terms that they did to everyone else. Apple admitted that they were Samsung’s patents. They were just not willing to hand over the keys to the store to license them. If that’s the case then it’s about time someone took Samsung to task for this.


2013 wont be a good year for apple.  The sheep are, slowly, starting to wake up.  Trying to pass off “inventions” as your own, then getting pwned by the USPTO..  Enjoy your time in the sun, it will be over soon.


2013 won’t be a good year for Samsung. The sheep are starting to wake up. Trying to pass off Apple’s inventions as your own, then getting pwned by the EU. Enjoy your time in the sun, it will be over soon.

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