Europa Universalis III Turns Japanese with Divine Wind

Virtual Programming announced the newest expansion to its Europa Universalis III strategy game, Divine Wind. The xpac takes the game engine to medieval Japan, with players taking on the role of one of four daimyos duking it out for influence with the Emperor.

The company said the game includes new graphics, a detailed map, internal Chinese factions to manage, and new buildings that can shape the development of your province. There are also new diplomatic options and what VP said was a more realistic trade route system.

Divine Wind is priced at £14.95/€19.96/US$19.95, and it requires Europa Universalis III Complete and the Heir to the Throne expansion pack. You can download them all at VP’s online store.


  • OS X 10.6 or higher
  • Intel CPU
  • GeForce 7300, Radeon 2400, or newer (Radeon X1600/X1900, Intel GMA cards not supported)
  • 128Mb VRAM, 512 MB RAM
  • 1Gb free disk space
  • Europa Universalis 3 Complete (New Version)
  • Europa Universalis 3 Heir to the Throne
  • Broadband connection for Internet play and registration

Divine Wind Screenshot

Divine Wind screenshot