EVE Online Expansion Dominion Now Available for Mac

CCP Games has released Dominion, the latest free expansion pack for its science-fiction MMORPG EVE Online, which currently boasts more than 300,000 players engaged in activities on a single server, rather than the multiple servers employed by most MMORPGs. True to its name, Dominion’s main focus is on improving battles for control of various sectors within its universe.

In addition, Dominion offers the ability for player alliances to alter the resources and events in the systems they control, and it serves up rebuilt Doomsday Devices among other changes to the game’s capital ships. Other changes include improved fleet tools, new tutorials, epic mission arcs involving EVE’s pirate population, upgraded planet and starfield graphics, a redesigned in-game mail system, and an in-game browser.

CCP has an evocative cinematic trailer for Dominion on its web site. It gives players a taste of the tactical decisions they’ll need to make while immersed in full-scale battles between dozens or even hundreds of starcraft. EVE Online has a 14-day trial period available, and the full game can be downloaded from the CCP web site or purchased in a retail store.