even-u software Shipping even-t Calendar Utility

even-u software has released a new app for Mac users, even-t version 1.1. even-t is a calender utility designed for creating custom calendars. The app ships with several features including support for email attachment event creation and search functions. According to even-u software:

even-u software is pleased to announce the availability of even-t v1.1 - a Macintosh calendar application.

even-t (pronounce: even tee) is a calendar tool exclusively designed and developed for Mac OS X. Make use of even-tis easy-to-use interface to manage, view and organize your calendar entries. even-t offers you a detailed display for any window size.

even-t allows you to:

  • Create events with email attachments using the Mac OS X Address Book application
  • Create to-do items and add attachments to any event by dragging documents from Mac OS X applications. You can easily link your calendar items with various types of documents (e.g. PDF files, QuickTime movies, MP3is, pictures, Web pages, Email addresses, ...)
  • You can quickly find any date by using the Calendar Navigator
  • Browse your calendar entries in List Mode and choose which types of entries are to be displayed
  • You can quickly find any entry with the integrated search function
  • Use the mouse or keyboard commands to navigate, change, move, copy and paste events
  • View and manage your calendar entries using day, week and month calendar views at any window size. You can open additional views simultaneously
  • Organize your entries in separate calendars. You can create as many calendars as you like, for example a work calendar, a diary or whatever
  • Open calendars from the internet or use even-t to publish your own calendars

You can find more information about the even-t release at the even-u software Web site. even-t 1.1 is available for US$49.95.