even-u software Updates even-t Calendar Utility With Several Enhancements

even-u software has released an update for even-t, bringing it to version 1.2. even-t is a calender utility designed for creating custom calendars. The update features performance enhancements including iCal support. According to even-u software:

even-u software today announced that the first public version of even-t 1.2, its innovative calendar program that lets users manage multiple calendars and use it as a standard viewer for Internet shared calendars, is now available.

even-t (pronounce: even tee) is a calendar tool exclusively designed and developed for Mac OS X. Make use of even-tis easy-to-use interface to manage, view and organize your calendar entries. even-t offers you a detailed display for any window size.

even-t makes it incredibly easy for consumers, students, educators, small business users and content creators to:

  • create and manage events and create attachments for PDF files, QuickTime movies, MP3is, pictures, Web pages, Email addresses
  • export these calendars using the iCalendar format to share them with other Appleis iCal™ users or for publishing calendars on the Web
  • use the webcal protocol to view shared calendars via the Internet
  • view and manage your calendar entries using day, week and month calendar views at any window size. You can open additional views simultaneously
  • use the integrated search function to quickly find any entry
  • organize your calendars. Use the Bookmark window to create groups, new calendars, links to websites, documents, iCalendar resources and more
  • organize and track activities with To Do list management
  • create repeated events and set reminders
  • set priority and various status informations to events, notes and To Do items
  • stay in sync by using Apple’s iSync technology to take calendars to go on Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, Palm OS devices and Appleis iPod™

You can find more information about the even-t update at the even-u software Web site. even-t 1.2 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$49.95.