Evernote Gets a Piece of Skitch

Evernote announced Thursday that it has bought Skitch, the photo editing and annotation software for the Mac. Evernote, with 12 million users, is a service that works on a multitude of platforms to allow you to save a wide variety of sources of information in one place. You can then access and search that information from most anywhere.

SkitchEvernote Buys Skitch

Evernote chose to purchase Skitch and improve its photo annotation functions through acquisition rather than develop their own in-house. This may be the first of a trend as Evernote is looking to add more applications to their service.

The up side for Mac users is that Skitch, once US$19.95 in the Mac App Store, is now free.

Evernote has said they are committed to continuing to develop Skitch as a standalone application as well as integrating it into their service. They are also looking to bring Skitch to the multiple platforms that Evernote already works with.