Everything to Know About Apple’s New iPhones in One Place

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There was a boatload of announcements, articles and new technology published yesterday. Here's a summary, all sorted out, with the most helpful links from Apple, TMO and others on products, upgrading, purchasing and the new technologies.

1. Apple's Links

iPhone 5c family. (Image credit: Apple)

2. Upgrades & Purchasing


Touch ID technology. (Image Credit: Apple)

3. Technologies


iPhone 5s image via Apple.



The link “Apple Press Release: iOS 7” (4th from the top) goes to the same page as “Apple Press Release: iPhone 5c” (3rd from the top).

I didn’t check the other links.

John Martellaro

Thanks!  Fixed.  The other links seem ok.


Tip: Try ‘Jumpcut.’ It’s a multiple clipboard thingy that sits in the OS menu bar. Great for compiling lists of URLs, etc., and otherwise completely unobtrusive.


What's going on

You can’t lose this funny comic about yesterday Apple Keynote! :D Have fun!


One more good article: http://www.citeworld.com/security/22399/iphone-fingerprint-scanner-better-biometrics

John Martellaro

barryotoole:  That’s a good one, and I added it.


Cool. Thanks, John.

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