EyeTV App Pulled from App Store Over Code Issue

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Elgato's EyeTV app for the iPhone and iPod touch temporarily disappeared from Apple's App Store over the weekend when it was pulled because it included code that let users stream live TV shows over 3G. An updated version of the application was submitted without the code, and it has since reappeared at the App Store.

"Some test code that enabled live TV streaming over the cellular network was accidentally left in the the EyeTV App," David Fanning, Elgato's press contact, told The Mac Observer. "Apple requested that we remove the code since their agreement with AT&T does not allow redirecting TV signals over the cellular network."

Elgato submitted a version 1.0.1 update to Apple without the test code on Saturday, and by Sunday EyeTV was available at the App Store again. The version number for the app, however, was still listed at 1.0.

"This appears to to the original 1.0.0 version, though they might have neglected to change the name. Version 1.0.1 was submitted on Saturday, so if this isn't the update, it's certainly on its way," Mr. Fanning said.

EyeTV is an application that lets users stream content from their Mac to their iPhone or iPod touch via Wi-Fi, and manage the EyeTV content on their Mac. The application was available at the App Store for about a month before it was pulled.


Jeff Gamet

I guess this makes the moral of the story: Developers, watch your iPhone code closely, because it may take Apple a while to catch problems.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

iDon’t let developers stream TV signals over the cellular network.

Droid does.

(Any articles in the works about that?)


Don?t let developers stream TV signals over the cellular network.

Droid does.

How do you know that the carriers will let Droid do that?  Can you do that now?  I thought Verizon had their own deal like AT&T about streaming TV.  You have to pay for it monthly.  I don’t know if it will change when the new Moto phone comes out at the end of the month.  If it does, expect AT&T to change the rules and open their network to Apple since it’s AT&T’s decision not Apple’s

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Verizon will take a beating from developers if they don’t allow “open development” after saying they do. The 3G network has no idea that EyeTV is sending broadcast video over 3G. This is by definition a human enforced ban, which smacks in the face of “open development”. That’s how I know grin.

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