Fabrix Introduces Magic Sleeve Case for iPad

| Product News

Fabrix announced Monday the release of the Magic Sleeve, a sleeve case for the iPad. According to the company, Magic Sleeve provides the iPad with a “snug fit,” is built to the iPad’s specific specifications, and includes padding to cushion the device. The sleeve also includes an inner “pillow flap” to keep the iPad from sliding out of the case.

The Magic Sleeve is shipping now, and is priced at US$32.90. Apple’s iPad goes on sale April 3rd, 2010. The Magic Sleeve comes in a variety of designs, as desmonstrated in the image below.

Magic Sleeve from FabrixMagic Sleeve from Fabrix

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I can’t wait for my ipad! I also recommend Brenthaven’s ipad case, I have one for my macbook and I couldn’t be happier.

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